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Examination Debarment (less than 80% attendance) and withdrawal results will be available on September 23, 2021 by logging into www.au.edu Menu Registration Systems → Debarment and Withdrawal results.
Withdrawal via Internet 1/2021

Rules and Guidelines Before Proceeding with the Withdrawal
  1. The period for course(s) withdrawal is August 7 – September 22, 2021 Withdrawal within this period results in a “W” mark on the transcripts.
  2. English courses can be withdrawn.
  3. First year, first semester students ( 634 and 641xxxx ) cannot withdraw all courses enrolled. At least 3 credits (minimum) must be enrolled attended and final exams taken.
  4. For all Major courses of Nursing Science, Communication Arts, and Bio-Technology, students must contact their Faculty office for withdrawal matters.
  5. Non-credit courses may be withdrawn.
  6. Once completed, modifications are possible within Withdrawing period
  7. You do not have to complete the withdrawals in one session.
Office of the University Registrar         July 21, 2021